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Privacy Policy

By clicking the button below, you affirm that all the information you enter in your application true and correct to your best knowledge and belief. You agree that the Burkhart Family Foundation is allowed to use your entered information to process your application and decide whether or not you are eligible for a grant. If you do not meet our qualifications, by law we are required to delete your information, or shred it if application is made via PO box. 

You agree that, to your best knowledge:

  • your Institution still has its tax exempt status in effect

  • Your institution does not support or engage in unlawful or terrorist activity

  • If your institution is provided a grant, it will not be distributed to or used to benefit any organization or individual that supports or is involved in unlawful or terrorist activity.

If your institution meets our qualifications, your information may be held for up to a year or by your request. You may contact us via our email or the messaging function in the lower right corner. In the case of a data breach, Wix is responsible for the information stolen, unless it can be proven that we are solely responsible.

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