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What Will I Need to Apply?

Applicants will need each of the following to complete the application form:​​

  • proof of academic standing

  • a letter of reference from your teacher and/or guidance counselor

  • proof of acceptance to a technical school, trade school, or industry internship

If any questions do not apply to the applicant, please enter N/A into the field. Any non-completed forms will be discarded.

Prefer To Apply Via Mail?

Apply With Us

We're excited that you're passionate as we are about trade work! Let's take the next step in not only your future, but the future of our communities.


Please fill out the information below. Do not forget to link files including your credentials so that we may review them for the application process. If any required files exceed 15MB or the uploader is giving you trouble, please include all relevant documents in a .zip file, upload it to a cloud storage such as Google Docs or Drop Box, and provide the link in the optional field.


Need help? Feel free to contact us with the information at the bottom of the page or click the speech bubble in the lower right corner.

Will You Be Attending Full-Time?
Upload Official Proof Of Academic Standing
Upload Letter Of Academic Reference
Upload Proof Of Acceptance To Chosen School

Thank you! We will contact you as soon as we can.

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