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Aspire To Learn...

Aspire To Learn...

Give Back To Your Community...


Welcome to the Burkhart Family Foundation

Bringing A Brighter Future To Our Communities. One Scholarship At A Time.

Who We Are

And What We Can Do For You

The Burkhart Family Foundation is a collaboration of friends and family that deeply believe that skilled workers are the cornerstone of America. As industry grows bigger, there is an increased demand for workers. These workers include skilled construction trades, medical technicians, personal care, and many other essential workers that keep our society running. As such, we want to give back to our communities by helping more people get involved in trade schools.


Trade schools come with many benefits that help students learn faster in a controlled environment and give experience that can immediately be applied in the real world. Because students immediately work on projects, they can earn viable certifications quicker than if one were to attend a college or university. These certifications are good on a resume and can even help you start your own business.

Ready to get started? Apply with us and see what it is we can do for you. You're also free to ask us questions by clicking the chat bubble in the lower right corner.

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